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  • What memberships are available ?
    Currently there is three membership options available from the online store. 7 Days membership £5 30 Days membership £15 90 Days membership £40
  • Do Memberships auto renew ?
    No once a membership has ran out you will need to visit the online shop to purchase a new membership. you can visit the shop here
  • How do i sign up ?
    To sign up to become a member you will need to visit the online shop and purchase the membership you'd like. Once that is done sign up to the site with the same email address that you purchased your membership with and select a password. 1, Purchase Membership 2, Sign up to website with same email address 3, Select a password That will send a request to the server to approve your membership.
  • How long does it take for my membership to be approved ?
    Once you have purchased your membership and signed up to the site your membership will be approved almost instantly. Membership requests which have not purchased a membership package will sit as unapproved
  • What are HorseSystemBets ratings ?
    HorseSystemBets ratings are a unique set of ratings which not only calculate the most likely winner ( Total Column ) in any given race in the UK & Ireland but they also show five other major ratings needed when studying horse racing. Speed Jockey Trainer Stallion Today All ratings are colour coded to aid in finding the winner ( Green = good, Red = bad )
  • When do tomorrows ratings go live ?
    The horse racing ratings go live between 4-5pm UK time the day before racing is due to take place.
  • What racecourses are covered ?
    There is (insert number ) horse racing tracks covered from across the UK & Ireland. To view the full list of tracks please visit the Tracks (insert link to tracks page) page.
  • Why are the horse racing ratings different colours ?
    The horse racing ratings are colour coded to help aid in picking the right horse for that particular race. The colour code runs on a scale of green to red, Where green = good and red = bad
  • What are speed ratings based on?
    The HSB Speed ratings are formulated by looking at key stats and assigning points to horses ( some of which can be found below ) according to how they have performed over each stat. The system will run 20+ different scenarios across all races the horse has taken part in within 1-2 furlong either side of todays race distance. Track Distance Going Best Ratings Avg Ratings
  • Jockey, Trainer & Stallion Ratings"
    The jockey, Trainer & Stallion ratings work in similar ways, They assign points by looking at the strike rates of how each performs at the track, distance & going. 1 year & 2 year stats for stallion & 14 day and 30 day form for jockey & trainers. The overall rating is then ran through the HSB formula using the above stats and some special levellers because trainer/ jockey A may have had more runs than trainer/ jockey B so we need to bring the ratings into line without any outliers.
  • What is Today Rating
    The today rating looks at all of todays race criteria and assigns points based on perfomances before being ran through the HSB rating formula. Career Class Direction Distance Going Handicap / Non Handicap NH Race Type Track Track & Distance Stall Weight
  • How do i use the horse racing ratings?
    You can never truly rule out the top rated horse ( Total Column ) because well its top rated for a reason but as with every sport the best doesnt always win on the day. The best football team's / darts player get beat now and then. This is where the colour coding comes in to it. the more green a horse has across all the ratings the better the chance it has of winning or placing.
  • When does the speed ratings become a factor ?
    The horse racing speed ratings can be used in every race just like all the other ratings because of the way they are formulated. However the speed ratings truly come into their own when looking at sprint races under 1 mile ( 8 Furlongs ) this also referred to as TSUM ( Top Speed Under The Mile ) on our socail media outlets by members.
  • Where can i find the horse racing stats ?
    The horse racing stats can be found on the downloadable version of the ratings, located at the bottom of each days ratings page.
  • What is the Punters Card ?
    The Punters Card ( also know as the PC ) is a group of around 5-7 races which members vote on the most likely winner. once all votes are in the most popular horse for each of the races will form the Punters Card. It has been very succesful in previous runnings and is also used to run competitions for members.
  • Do the ratings cover Irish racing ?
    Yes. The horse racing ratings cover all races in the UK & Ireland daily.
  • What is TOTS ?
    TOTS is short for Top Of The Stats. in order for a horse to be selected as a TOTS selection it must be two things 1, Highets rated for that race ( Total Column ) 2, Have a 100% strike rate for that stat. eg.. Top rated and 100% strike rate over the distance.
  • What is TSUM ?
    TSUM is an abbreviation for Top Speed Under the Mile which is commonly used by members on our social Media channels and simply means the highest rated horse in the speed ratings for races that are ran under 1 mile.
  • What are horse systems ?
    When people think of horse systems they generally think they are hugely complicated & contain 100s of different criteria which some may do but in reality a horse racing system can be very simple. Have you every followed a certain jockey at a track or a trainer when they only have one runner that day ??? well that in itself is a simple horse racing sytstem. Example Jockey A rides for trainer A at track A. Now everytime the afore mentioned happens the horse will become a selection for that system. If all 3 criteria isnt met there it will not become a selection.
  • How many systems is there ?
    Currently there is 9 systems. 4 HSB horse racing systems and 5 members systems running on site. This amount is likely to change as new systems are added.
  • What Is The OR Report ?
    The OR Report or Officail Ratings Report to give it its formal name is a look into a horses Officail Rating by the handicapper over previous races. The Report Covers the following - Todays OR - Todays OR is the rating that the horse is to run off in todays race. LW-OR - Last winning OR is simply that, The rating the horse last won a race off. MOVE L10 - Move Last 10 looks at the previous 10 races and records how much a horses rating has moved. A horse that keeps going up the ratings may now be too high whereas as horse that has started to come back to or near its winning mark may well be ready to win again. HIGHEST OR - The highest Officail Rating the horse has had to run off. HIGHEST W-OR - The highest Official Rating a horse has WON off. OR-LR / Placing - is the Officail Rating the horse ran off in its last race and which position the horse finshed. OR2= 2nd last race, OR3 = 3rd last race, OR4 = 4th last race & so on.
  • What leagues do the football ratings & stats cover ?
    Argentina Primera Division Austria Bundesliga Belgium Jipiler League Brazil Serie A China Super League Denmark Superliga England Premiership England Championship England League One England League Two England National League France Lique 1 France Lique 2 Finland Veikkausliga German Bundesliga German Bundesliga 2 Greece Super League Italy Serie A Italy Serie B Ireland Premier Division Japan J-League Mexico iga MX Netherlands Eredivisie Norway Eliteserien Primeira Liga Poland Ekstraklasa Romania Liga 1 Russian Premier League Scotland Premiership Scotland Championship Scotland League One Scotland League Two Spain La Liga Spain La Liga 2 Sweden Allsvenskan Switzerland Super League Turkey Super Lig Usa MLS
  • What does each heading mean ?
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